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Vacuum Tube Lifters for effortless lifting.

Vacuum Tube Lifters are ingenious devices and have become the industry standard method for lifting basic loads including paper sacks and cartons. The safe working loads start at 25kg however they are capable of lifting semi-porous materials such as timber and concrete at loads of more than 100kg.

The vacuum sticks the lifter to the product and, as the vacuum level increases, it causes the left tube to shrink therefore lifting the load upwards without any effort by the operator.

By matching of the tube area and suction foot area it is possible to ensure that, in the event of a power failure, the tube will always lower the load before it drops it, thus making it an inherently safe lifting product.

Vacuum Tube Lifters come suspended from either jib cranes or more extensive rail systems, appropriate areas of your factory can be covered to give the manual handling help you require.

For the food and pharmaceutical industries we have a range of stainless steel units of the standard expected in these demanding application.


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