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Low headroom electric chain hoists

Electric chain hoists come in many different types and sizes. The low headroom hoist helps out when headroom is at a premium and are used in many industries from automotive to plastic injection mouldings.

AG CRANES have a 5000 kg safe working load (SWL) hoist with a headroom loss of around 215mm. It is certainly a cheaper alternative than raising your factory roof.

When ordering or inquiring it will help to know the following: The height of lift required, the capacity, in tonnes or kgs and the type of suspension needed; Hook, push or power trolley.

If you do not have all these details an engineer can visit your site and take all the required details.

Many of our customers have electric chain hoists that are used in environments that need extra consideration. They may include: Hot, cold, wet or steamy atmospheres. IP65 and IP66 can be used to prevent water and dust from damaging your chain hoists. Where dust or gases are present we have solutions avalable. Call today. 01527 854600.

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Terminology and extras:

  • electric chain hoists
  • push travel chain hoists
  • short headroom chain hoists
  • IP 54 IP55, IP 64 & IP 66 chain hoists
  • 3 phase 415 volts chain hoists
  • eye suspension chain hoists
  • hook suspension chain hoists
  • hand geared trolley chain hoist
  • low temperature chain hoists
  • atex 100a chain hoists
  • electric chain blocks
  • low head room and very low headroom
  • high temperature chain hoists
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