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A simple guide to specifying electric overhead cranes. Call our skilled team and they will be glad to help and offer advice.

Specifying an overhead crane

Overhead gantry cranes come in many different types and are referred to in many different ways. They can be either single girder with the hoist underneath, or double girder, with the hoist on top or from box beam section rahter than I Beam. They may be top running (most common) or underslung from an I-beam, powered (motorised) or even push pull travel.

When ordering or inquiring it will help to know the following - but don't worry if you don't know them:

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A = The crane bridge.

B = The hoist.

C = The end carriages.

D = The gantry legs. Notice the legs on the left a free standing & thicker.

E = The down-shop gantry rail.

At AG CRANES we sell or service A,B,C,D,and E.


The end carriages "B" and the crane beam "A" can be mounted in various ways to save lifting headroom.

Downshop rail supports, or knee joints.

If it is on a crane we can supply, service, install, modify and test it.

The above information will ensure you purchase the correct crane for your specific needs.

For more help please call Alan.

Send us your inquiry and we will contact you.

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