What is Effective Online all about?

Effective Online is a very search engine friendly website that was created in 2002. The results will save you, the sites visitors, money in your search for new or used overhead lifting equipment.

By using search engine friendly acceptance pages, good html code and search submissions we find ourselves very high up in many searches for overhead cranes, hoists, swing jibs, spreader beams, gantries and many other targeted lifting and material handling industry topics.

A search will be how you found Effective Online, as we do not advertise in any other media! The site was previously used by a major crane manufacturer.

The site is now utilised by AG CRANES Ltd, one of the UK's largest lifting and crane manufacturers.

We have one of the largest stocks of used overhead cranes in Europe and have distributors nationwide. Our customer base is quite literally, worldwide. We will deal with your inquiry quickly and effectively. We guarantee to save you, the customer, money in the process. We are also able to give expert advise on all of your lifting applications and visit your site to help or advise with any complex lifting applications you may have.

FREE quotations; email us now.

Pictures on this site are supplied by end users who own the cranes and hoists featured.

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