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Stahl Electric chain hoists distributed throughout the UK.

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Model type ST with Suspension Hook

Capacities 125 - 5,000 kg Model ST

The ST hoist is a robust, reliable and easy to service unit with a long service life. The whole range is fitted with many standard features that were usually only available as extras.


All known domestic and European regulations of the classification according to FEM, ISO or BS are complied with or exceeded.

Mains contactor as standard, for increased safety. 1 Year Warranty.

Single speed and two speed lifting up to 16 metres a minute.

Chain container included, motors protected to IP55, against ingression of dust and water.

Standard operating voltage: Euro-voltage 400V, 50Hz, 3-phase. Increased operating safety through 48V control voltage (contactor control) and an encapsulated pendant control to IP65.

Also available in push and power (electric) travel.



Model type ST with push travel trolley 125kg - 5000 kgs




The hoists are composed of three main component parts which makes service easy and inexpensive.


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Model type ST with power travel trolley 125kg - 5000 kgs



Available in low and ultra low headroom

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