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Donati jibs

Donati Electric chain hoists & jibs. 415 volts 3 -phase 50hz.

The DMK electric DONATI chain hoists respond to the needs of tough international markets which require products of guaranteed quality. We can offer a wide range of uses, long-term reliability, safety guarantees in all phases of operation, and excellent value for money.

The DMK electric hoists appeal because of their careful and modern design, putting them a the top of their hoist category.

Not just the quality of the components, the high technology used to produce the mechanical parts, but the finishes and the surface treatments are checked to quality system UNI EN ISO 9001 which covers production.

The special water-repellent paintwork is applied with an electrostatic process in complete isolation which guarantees its durability and a constant high performance, even in particularly hostile environments.

The DMK Donati electric chain hoists are produced in Donati Sollevamenti, in Italy. We distribute them throughtout the UK. TEL: 01527 854 600.

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Donati wire hoist type DRH